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"If you're CreditReady, you're MortgageReady" TM

An enterprise operated by the top rated consumer advocates of

A Clean Slate Credit Consultants Corp of Florida

 Vertically Integrated, bullshit free

& the industry's lowest cost Credit Repair

Our company complies with & surpasses FEDERAL pricing guidelines for U.S. operating CRO's, We're the fastest filing too.

While our nonprofit serves veterans, military families, first responders, state & federal employees and low/fixed individuals, this enterprise will concentrate on individuals with no such professional affiliations or special circumstances. If you don't believe this is the right fit for you, kindly visit our top rated national nonprofit enterprise here.

 Are you MortgageReady?

People come to credit repair when they are faced with issues and errors, unknown accounts and mixed file problems. They come to this young, middle aged and a bit older. They come to it because they want to buy their first or second home, get approval at a good rate and continue on their journey. We've helped hundreds of people get to where they want to be.

This enterprise will concentrate on the individuals who don't require the heavy work of restoration and need the last little push towards home ownership.

This site is ideal for consumers who have already begun the home buying journey. They have spoken to their bank or mortgage professional and may have the property picked out, but they just aren't quite there. Sometimes small issues such as outdated collections, unknown accounts, mixed file situations or historical inaccuracies present a roadblock to final approval.

If you find yourself in this predicament, drop us a call and let's get a consultation going. We may be able to help.

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About Us

MortgageReadyCreditRepair was created and is operated by the wonderful crew of consumer rights advocates & activists that operate

A Clean Slate Credit Consultants Corporation

of Florida. Yet this enterprise will handle individual clients & those who fit the criteria of nearly mortgage ready applicants.

Our Work

Many of our clients want to buy their first home, and some just want a pimped-out Harley with the spinning wheels, but who are we to judge? If it's the house you want, then this program will assist those specific clients who have between 1 and 4 issues on their reports keeping them from it. The work is unlimited, online and fast. But then, you already know this.

Our Ethos

Founded by a crazy crew that decided advocacy with a real sense of humor and not a false sense of urgency was missing from the bland boring credit consultants of yesteryear (and current year, if truth be told) The spirit of our nonprofit is alive in this endeavor. Clients get the same unlimited work, the same no-nonsense service and the same bad ass results. We guarantee it.

We do more to link our visitors to consumer protection organizations and provide more concise information than any competitor in the industry.

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