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We created a movement saying it like it is

We came to this industry just like anyone else whose had problems. We didn't know too much, we had no "in" and got shafted along the way by the scammers who make things more difficult in troubling times. When we came into this, we were hit with a massive learning curve. In this industry that curve is lined on both sides by people who don't tell it like it is and routinely go out of their way to tell it like it ain't. Shysters promising scores, promising deletions of all sorts of things and promising that for $1,000 it could be attained. Our learning curve was more like a rollercoaster track in bizzaro world with massive drops, steep inclines and some crazy bastard at the wheel barreling through all the school zones. Some leeway is to be expected when dealing with multiple enterprises, but this was out of control. To make it worse, consumers had no idea what was what, and how to report the unethical operators who shafted them.

Of course, this industry has more oversight than The Congress, which is funny considering most consumer protection laws were enacted by The Congress in the first place. There are federal agencies that oversee compliance, the Attorney General of each state has a vested interest in protecting consumers in this industry, to say nothing of the CFPB, FTC and FBI. Yet over and over people get suckered in believing the hype, only to be left high and dry, steamed, reamed and dry cleaned. To add to the confusion, all these people running Credit Consultation Enterprises try to look the same, act the same and talk the same. What utter bullshit. As a consumer I personally don't want my ass kissed when I'm choosing a service or product, I just want the results or the performance. Words mean very little when you can't come thorough. And the endless "I'm sorry's" mean precisely dick, when a company has to learn on a consumers dime.

So, we changed the industry by first changing the message.

No bullshit. No nonsense. No prisoners.

Today, nearly 9 years after we started, we have become the trusted go-to name for military clients, federal and state employees of one stripe or another, every type of first responder and just about everybody else who lives, breathes and works for a living. We've built our reputation on bend-over-backwards customer service and solid results. Our clients don't give a shit how we talk or what we say, they care about the results they get and the obstacles they have removed. This is how commerce should be. At this company we abhor excuses, take the responsibility onto our shoulders and make our clients problems our problems. We never make a promise we can't keep. We always call it like we see it and take the risk of pissing someone off. If you have to lose business as a result of bluntness, you do it and keep going.

So here we are, in this new enterprise, serving those clients who want to buy their first home, and need the extra push of specialized coded disputes to get them there. This service isn't for everyone, to qualify we need to talk with you to see where you are at and make an educated guess at where you need to be. If we can help you at MortgageReadyCreditRepair we will, if we can't we won't. This is how we are and how we do business because this is how Credit Repair is supposed to be.

Who we are, is a group of highly motivated consumer rights advocates and activists with no filter. We work hard and get results and don't have time for the nonsense. Check us out, read our nonprofits reviews on Google, Yelp, Credit Karma, Reddit and Facebook or anywhere else you go to when you want to connect. Shop around, get some quotes, see what's out there but if anyone promises you the moon and the stars and lawn maintenance and ask for the credit card to "secure the file" before they even hear you out, you should tread real careful, because anyone, and we mean anyone charging a card without even knowing if they can help, is a really bad sign.

Learn your rights & all the industry wrongs and then go from there. Then do whatever you want to do, it's a free country.

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