This company has 2 pricing points but the same unlimited 3 bureau dispute still applies.

This service is the answer to intensive credit repair for people who are either about to begin their journey towards home ownership and have last minute issues on their credit reports keeping them from it or are individuals inquiring about correcting their reports. This is an intensive process on our part, but the client does not pay for anything extra. As usual, there are no hidden fees, no one time, upfront costs and as always when working with this crew, no nonsense.

Others charge more because they can.

We charge less because it's right.

ofrecemos servicios bilingües

MortgageReady Pricing

$159.00 Month to Month (couples added at 45.00)

 Individual Pricing

    $99.00 Month to Month

How do you know which category is for you? Call us and let's consult. Once we go over your specific situation we will know where to place you. Generally speaking, if your file is not as burdened by credit issues and you've either begun the home buying process or have been turned away by a mortgage pro due to small issues which must be taken care of before you can proceed, then you're a MortgageReady client and would fall under this pricing plan. If you are on the opposite side of the field, with more issues than answers, and are not currently seeking the home buying option, you're likely going to come under the Individual client pricing plan.

Mortgage clients usually require a different plan of action, time sensitive in nature and tailored to a specific need.

Whatever work exist gets done in bulk, and is easily verifiable by the consumer outside of our website or input.

This company is managed by a team that set the standard for transparency in commerce.

If you want it done right, you go with the right people.

Call us today for a consultation,

let's see if we can help you out.

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